ok, well oddly enough I have found myself in the same place for almost a year. this means I am approaching the need to make some decisions. I like where I am, but I also need to consider everything. The main issue, is that I have opted for the tax advantage program of pay- this allows me to work for less of an hourly rate, but receive a large stipend tax free in my check each week. this helps me when I do overtime, because I do get an overtime bonus- but I don’t get knocked into the next tax bracket. when I work for straight hourly pay, a large portion goes to uncle sam.
so that being said, you can only do this for 12 consecutive months in the same location, or you have to change to the straight hourly as “non traveler”.
now, there are pluses and minuses to both. I am comfortable where I am, its close to where we are living, I like the area and I like the people I work with. the down side is the financial. the hospital corporation has its own agency it uses, and their pay rate is significantly higher, but they only offer a 401K plan, no insurance of any kind. I don’t have insurance currently, but I was going to enroll with my agency this month for that. If I convert to hourly with my agency, I will end up with a significant pay cut, at least 400 per week. that is not a good thing at all. plus any overtime will be taxed at the higher rate, which frustrates me beyond all reason.
so…basically I can either take something with my agency for 13 weeks and add an hour+ commute everyday, go out of state for 13 weeks, or change to the hospital staffing agency. the other option is to take something for 3 days a week in McAllen, and go with the local agency for 1 day a week where I am. that at least should get me 4 days per week consistently. I don’t know though. lots of things to consider.


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