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well, I have not posted anything for a while. things have been going ok for the most part. I completed 13 weeks and renewed for 6 more. I am having some issues with my manager in my department. it is odd, because I have no problems with anyone in the facility except for her. I can say, that there is usually a reason that a place requires so many travelers. the ICU has lost a total of 14 core staff since May. this has caused so much moral problems and issues. at night we are almost all agency. there are nights I work when it is only agency working at all. there is a lot of polarization going on because of the union that has come to the hospital. it is unfortunate. I have wonderful feedback from my coworkers, from my patients and from the doctors. at this point, I am hoping to renew my contract but for the ER. I have had a great time when I have been there, and they have been very welcoming and happy to have me. it is a great opportunity to grow and get over my pediatric phobia! I love the kids, and get along well, have good patient rapport. I just am terrified of sticking needles in them! I need to get over it though.
Brownsville is lovely, and I have gone ahead and rented a house for a year here. There are so many hospitals to work in within the Rio Grande Valley, that I have lots of options. I hope things continue to go well here. so far, so good.


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