Found Brownsville

So I found Brownsville, TX. the drive was not so bad, the car actually made it here. I only came close to overheating once when stuck in random night traffic in Austin. I ended up driving about 15 hours the first day, pulled over and took a wee nap, then drove the last 2 hours. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, though AC is a must next time. the car felt hotter than the surface of the sun at one point in OK, and even my phone was overheating! I ended up with drivers arm sunburn and the left side of my face burnt too, not attractive at all.

I managed to find Valley Regional Medical Center where I will be reporting tomorrow morning. it is on the north side of town which is convenient. I found a room for rent in a house, its beautiful, cool roomates, and really close to work. managed to move in already and am unpacking, which saves me a hotel cost. found this on craig’s list, which rocks.the lease is month to month, 375 a month everything included. there is netflix movie room upstairs, a TV with cable downstairs, and wifi internet. one month deposit. its close to work, close to stores, and in a very nice neighborhood. I found the gym and joined today as well. its between work and home.  so it seems as though I am moving up in the world, I now have a job to report to tomorrow, a car to drive, a place to stay and a gym to exercise in! I am pretty fairly psyched up about this. now all I need is my honey to come and visit and I am totally golden.






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