Leaving Springdale

bye bye hospital

Well, another assignment down. I ended up discharging all my patients yesterday, the last one at 7:45 last night LOL. we closed the floor so I was able to be officially cancelled today. its good because it allowed me to sleep and rest last night, and finish packing today. I hope to make it to Dallas by tonight, that looks to be the halfway point. I am super excited for a road trip. I put directions in my phone on my map, and I will get to go through Oklahoma. I have every intention of singing the song and posting a video of it on facebook. 😉 it shall amuse me endlessly. my roomate is wigging out that I am so adventurous care free throw everything in a car and go- not knowing if things will be ok or not. I figure whats this compared to moving to Mexico? that was a big deal, this is just a small road trip, 14 hours. hell the drive to Mexico was a bigger deal.

I am endlessly amazed though at how awesome people are. I have met more great people that hope to stay in touch with. it is nice to know that I am capable of making friends and playing well with others 😉 I am super excited to be closer to home, and looking forward to exploring the beach there. I did have a thought I will probably be arriving just at hurricane season, which would be par for the course considering I landed in AR during tornado season! it was both appropriate and a little sad panda leaving last night, closing down the floor and winding things up. All of the people I worked with were just lovely, and even all the doctor’s were great. I had both a wonderful experience working there and being a patient! I am looking forward to going back to ICU and a lower nurse patient ratio, but it really was overall a good experience.

some new things I have learned – I must go home more often. I have been gone too long, 2 back to back assignments without going home is too much. I also learned that dayshift SUCKS. I had been doing nights for a while, and although my body likes being awake in the day better, physically dayshift kills me. its too much activity and too much traffic. I like my nightshift routine. im looking forward to returning to nights, I think I just have to make sure to have a very dark room with a easy place to sleep and I should be ok. I have learned that I really do love traveling, but it is hard without my family. I would like to explore more. a car is critical to not feeling trapped. I am not going to do anymore assignments without a car. I have also discovered that craig’s list is the bomb. I have a couple of housing options lined up already.

I also discovered it took being away from Mexico to improve my Spanish! oddly enough, it has made leaps and bounds, I think because i dont have the crutch of anyone to translate for me. I have to do it myself. I need to keep practicing, but I think there is hope I shall finally learn! well, time to hit the road before it gets any later. bye bye Arkansas, its been fun!


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