bought a car

well, I finally found a car. I wanted to drive to my next assignment because I have managed to collect so much crap I do not want to have to fly with it! plus I needed a car. I found a volvo 850 GLT station wagon with 117K miles for 800 bucks on craigs list. it needs a cam shaft sensor but it shouldn’t be too bad to replace. even if I spend 400 dollars on that, I am still coming out ahead, the kelly blue book value of this is 2500 bucks! I have the title and keys in hand, just need to go pick it up tomorrow morning. there is a highly recommended volvo repair dude in Fayetteville that I am going to call tomorrow and get a quote and time frame. I am also checking with my brother in law because he is a mechanic and can fix it for me, and advise if I can make it to TX without it fixed or not. I am only concerned about the time frame of getting it fixed. we turn in the rental car on Thursday and I need to leave Sat. night. I ended up on call today, unfortunately, and I was really hoping to get cancelled next Sat to give myself more time to drive. its about 14 hours and that would suck to do that all in one day. but we will see. I am just happy to know I have wheels finally. yay for craig’s list! I have a lot to do this week, I need to go to DMV and get a temporary registration thing for the car, I have 30 days to register it and I will probably make it MX anyways, so I just need the temporary paper plate thing to get to TX with. I need to go to my drug screen for my next job and get my paperwork finished up. but its all good. I am just hoping I get my ACLS cards in the mail before I am gone!


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