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ok, so I am very excited. I was getting concerned because I don’t have enough money saved after this assignment ends, and I cannot renew for just a few weeks like I had hoped. its complicated in that they need either a full 8 or not at all, because they have to get other people in. anyways, I was going around and around in my head with what I was going to do next, and a job has come up in Brownsville, TX! which is perfect as it is much closer to home. I can actually go home every other week! I think its all going to fall into place. it will be back on night shift again but thats ok. its an ICU there, and if I am only doing 3 days per week, I can do 6 on 8 off I am sure, and then i can actually go home! yay! its been too long away from home. and if I do some overtime some weeks, it will be ok too. but ya, its going to be for 13 weeks, but at least I can go home! I am going to take some time off in August to go see my sister, but that looks doable too. right now i am trying to figure out how I am getting there. I wish I had time to go home first, but my last day here in Springdale is July 9th, and my first day there is July 11th. so no good. but lets see. bad news its during hurricane season, so I am going from starting here with Tornadoes to starting there with hurricanes LOL. but wee another assignment down and another to start! and i will get to see people I know, and maybe even have a place to stay. one of the nurses from here is also going there, and I know people in Brownsville, so thats good. what an awesome birthday present for me!! I love my agency, I told her what I could do- either a very short assignment anywhere, or a longer one closer to home. she calls me with a job offer that day! I didn’t even have to interview, they hired me on the spot! so exciting. and very validating too LOL. I think its because people know me from there, since I did house supervisor in Laredo. I will also be able to go back and see an excellent doctor about my heart in Laredo. all in all I think this is going to be great. 🙂


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