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Found Brownsville

So I found Brownsville, TX. the drive was not so bad, the car actually made it here. I only came close to overheating once when stuck in random night traffic in Austin. I ended up driving about 15 hours the first day, pulled over and took a wee nap, then drove the last 2 hours. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, though AC is a must next time. the car felt hotter than the surface of the sun at one point in OK, and even my phone was overheating! I ended up with drivers arm sunburn and the left side of my face burnt too, not attractive at all.

I managed to find Valley Regional Medical Center where I will be reporting tomorrow morning. it is on the north side of town which is convenient. I found a room for rent in a house, its beautiful, cool roomates, and really close to work. managed to move in already and am unpacking, which saves me a hotel cost. found this on craig’s list, which rocks.the lease is month to month, 375 a month everything included. there is netflix movie room upstairs, a TV with cable downstairs, and wifi internet. one month deposit. its close to work, close to stores, and in a very nice neighborhood. I found the gym and joined today as well. its between work and home.  so it seems as though I am moving up in the world, I now have a job to report to tomorrow, a car to drive, a place to stay and a gym to exercise in! I am pretty fairly psyched up about this. now all I need is my honey to come and visit and I am totally golden.






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Leaving Springdale

bye bye hospital

Well, another assignment down. I ended up discharging all my patients yesterday, the last one at 7:45 last night LOL. we closed the floor so I was able to be officially cancelled today. its good because it allowed me to sleep and rest last night, and finish packing today. I hope to make it to Dallas by tonight, that looks to be the halfway point. I am super excited for a road trip. I put directions in my phone on my map, and I will get to go through Oklahoma. I have every intention of singing the song and posting a video of it on facebook. 😉 it shall amuse me endlessly. my roomate is wigging out that I am so adventurous care free throw everything in a car and go- not knowing if things will be ok or not. I figure whats this compared to moving to Mexico? that was a big deal, this is just a small road trip, 14 hours. hell the drive to Mexico was a bigger deal.

I am endlessly amazed though at how awesome people are. I have met more great people that hope to stay in touch with. it is nice to know that I am capable of making friends and playing well with others 😉 I am super excited to be closer to home, and looking forward to exploring the beach there. I did have a thought I will probably be arriving just at hurricane season, which would be par for the course considering I landed in AR during tornado season! it was both appropriate and a little sad panda leaving last night, closing down the floor and winding things up. All of the people I worked with were just lovely, and even all the doctor’s were great. I had both a wonderful experience working there and being a patient! I am looking forward to going back to ICU and a lower nurse patient ratio, but it really was overall a good experience.

some new things I have learned – I must go home more often. I have been gone too long, 2 back to back assignments without going home is too much. I also learned that dayshift SUCKS. I had been doing nights for a while, and although my body likes being awake in the day better, physically dayshift kills me. its too much activity and too much traffic. I like my nightshift routine. im looking forward to returning to nights, I think I just have to make sure to have a very dark room with a easy place to sleep and I should be ok. I have learned that I really do love traveling, but it is hard without my family. I would like to explore more. a car is critical to not feeling trapped. I am not going to do anymore assignments without a car. I have also discovered that craig’s list is the bomb. I have a couple of housing options lined up already.

I also discovered it took being away from Mexico to improve my Spanish! oddly enough, it has made leaps and bounds, I think because i dont have the crutch of anyone to translate for me. I have to do it myself. I need to keep practicing, but I think there is hope I shall finally learn! well, time to hit the road before it gets any later. bye bye Arkansas, its been fun!

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car update

well the car ended up being a problem, but I was able to trade it as an even exchange for a ford taurus. the AC is not working, tried to recharge it but it must have a leak because it stopped running cold again. oh well I will be on the highway and should be ok with the windows rolled down. I swear, people change cars here more than clothes! but according to my brother in law it should be a better car.

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bought a car

well, I finally found a car. I wanted to drive to my next assignment because I have managed to collect so much crap I do not want to have to fly with it! plus I needed a car. I found a volvo 850 GLT station wagon with 117K miles for 800 bucks on craigs list. it needs a cam shaft sensor but it shouldn’t be too bad to replace. even if I spend 400 dollars on that, I am still coming out ahead, the kelly blue book value of this is 2500 bucks! I have the title and keys in hand, just need to go pick it up tomorrow morning. there is a highly recommended volvo repair dude in Fayetteville that I am going to call tomorrow and get a quote and time frame. I am also checking with my brother in law because he is a mechanic and can fix it for me, and advise if I can make it to TX without it fixed or not. I am only concerned about the time frame of getting it fixed. we turn in the rental car on Thursday and I need to leave Sat. night. I ended up on call today, unfortunately, and I was really hoping to get cancelled next Sat to give myself more time to drive. its about 14 hours and that would suck to do that all in one day. but we will see. I am just happy to know I have wheels finally. yay for craig’s list! I have a lot to do this week, I need to go to DMV and get a temporary registration thing for the car, I have 30 days to register it and I will probably make it MX anyways, so I just need the temporary paper plate thing to get to TX with. I need to go to my drug screen for my next job and get my paperwork finished up. but its all good. I am just hoping I get my ACLS cards in the mail before I am gone!

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next location

ok, so I am very excited. I was getting concerned because I don’t have enough money saved after this assignment ends, and I cannot renew for just a few weeks like I had hoped. its complicated in that they need either a full 8 or not at all, because they have to get other people in. anyways, I was going around and around in my head with what I was going to do next, and a job has come up in Brownsville, TX! which is perfect as it is much closer to home. I can actually go home every other week! I think its all going to fall into place. it will be back on night shift again but thats ok. its an ICU there, and if I am only doing 3 days per week, I can do 6 on 8 off I am sure, and then i can actually go home! yay! its been too long away from home. and if I do some overtime some weeks, it will be ok too. but ya, its going to be for 13 weeks, but at least I can go home! I am going to take some time off in August to go see my sister, but that looks doable too. right now i am trying to figure out how I am getting there. I wish I had time to go home first, but my last day here in Springdale is July 9th, and my first day there is July 11th. so no good. but lets see. bad news its during hurricane season, so I am going from starting here with Tornadoes to starting there with hurricanes LOL. but wee another assignment down and another to start! and i will get to see people I know, and maybe even have a place to stay. one of the nurses from here is also going there, and I know people in Brownsville, so thats good. what an awesome birthday present for me!! I love my agency, I told her what I could do- either a very short assignment anywhere, or a longer one closer to home. she calls me with a job offer that day! I didn’t even have to interview, they hired me on the spot! so exciting. and very validating too LOL. I think its because people know me from there, since I did house supervisor in Laredo. I will also be able to go back and see an excellent doctor about my heart in Laredo. all in all I think this is going to be great. 🙂

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