working hard

ok so I was on the other side of the stretcher for a few days. that was weird. got sick at work, had some sort of syncope episode. disturbing to say the least. I have a cardiac arrhythmia of unknown origin, that is worse the more stress I am under. not good. they put me on metoprolol, which seems to be helping. so, I got out Thurs. night, was off on Friday, and have been working ever since. we had a community disaster with a chlorine gas leak at a local plant that caused much chaos, I went in on my day off Monday to help and stayed until late. I have my regular shifts for the next 3 days, and no time to finish my ACLS! I am trying to do that when I get home from work, but it is slow going. I am tired and doubt myself on the case scenarios, and it takes me forever. im getting better, but it is still time consuming. once I finish that, then I have to do either an in person practical thing or over the phone. I found out the over the phone thing will cost more money too. and all of this has to be done by thursday night, plus I need to get my cards. ugh

I am also waiting to find out what I am doing next. I thought I would be extending 3 weeks until the end of the schedule, but they want 8. I don’t want to do 8 weeks, I am TIRED. I miss my family. I miss my home. but my goals are not achieved yet either. so I don’t know. I am also looking at options closer to home to see what to do there. Dallas is cheap to fly home from, and could work. Houston is also not bad, and I know people I can stay with which is better. my roomate is not extending here, so that makes it also more challenging and expensive to stay. I think if I can’t do the 3 weeks, then I will just go somewhere else completely. but lets see what happens. its a definite adventure thats for sure!


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