Arrived with an adventure!

well, I am finally here! what an adventure! I ended up opting to be “bumped”. the flights were  overbooked- so I delayed my travel by 3 more hours, flew 1st class, and ended up with a 250 dollar travel voucher! I can use that on any ticket for myself or anyone else in the next year. that was how much my ticket ended up costing to begin with! the only bad part is I was so tired I missed out of the 1st class experience because I fell asleep. but I had bulkhead 1st class seats, and even though the second flight was so short and small there was not a first class per se, I still ended up with the bulkhead seats. I could have volunteered again for bumping if I wanted and got a 300 dollar voucher to wait to the evening flight. I think this is a way to go, to book on full flights but be flying a day or two before, so you can be flexible and do the “bump” thing. my bags were waiting here for me when I arrived, though I did discover why the lovely pink suitcase I found in Yuma was on sale- its not pretty pink anymore its got black smudges all over it! but I did take some great pictures during the trip, and it was fairly uneventful.

my cab was waiting for me when I got here. I had called them twice with the updates on my arrival information, so that the driver was not waiting endlessly. I also discovered what a small world it is, the driver used to work with someone I know from my old job in Laredo! he used to be a paramedic in Corpus Christi, and worked for a nurse that would travel and work at my hospital. this is another reason I love travel nursing! you get to see what a small world it is! never fails to amaze me the people I meet and the connections that there are. that game of 7 degrees of separation is very true! my taxi driver was waiting for me with a little sign and everything. helped me collect my bags and got me to my destination. he even helped me inside with them. very nice guy, Alex. he gave me the contact information to set up my cab for the morning to go to the hospital to report in. \

The extended stay is even nicer then I thought it would be! its clean, well appointed and helpful staff. I am in the double bed room, the kitchenette comes with a toaster, coffee pot, microwave, burner top and fridge. there are also already dishes and towels. I had to provide all of that before! the bathroom comes with towels and is spacious, and there is cable TV, a small table to eat at, and a iron and board too! I am mostly impressed that the kitchen comes with dishes including pots and pan and plates. that is very helpful.I was told there is a grocery store not too far, but its not in walking distance. I did get a menu for the local Italian place that seems to be popular here, but they were already closed. I got some pizza instead, and am settling in for the night. the AC works really well, though its not needed right now. its only 57 degrees here, and I am quite cold! I also can’t believe how green and lush it is here. I have not seen that in a while!

tomorrow my cab is getting me at 7:45, the hospital is supposed to be just 10 minutes away. I have to go do the HR thing, get badges and stuff, but I don’t think it will be a particularly long day. that will give me some time to explore things tomorrow and get a few things. lets see what happens! so far so good, and I am glad to be settled in. now I just need to adjust to the time difference and start making some new friends!


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