Missed my flight

Well, the line for American Airlines was atrocious, and I missed my flight. so I will be arriving in AR a couple of hours later. the good news is I was able to check all 3 bags for 100 dollars, which was reasonable. they didn’t charge me any overweight baggage fees, and they could have charged me an extra 100 bucks for the 3rd bag. it still ended up being cheaper then trying to ship things I think, and I will have everything with me immediately when I get there. they also did not charge me any rerouting fees, which they could have been bad about. I should have been at the airport a little earlier, but the lines were long because of some problems with the international kiosk. I now have a frequent traveler program thing with AA, and I can see me using them a lot. they are very reasonable with the fairs, you can create multiple destinations, and purchase 1 way flights easily. the baggage fees seem to be the cheapest in the industry too.

I called my cab people, and let them know I will be landing later. the ride from Yuma to Phoenix was uneventful, with the exception of drinking too much coffee and not having a rest stop! I also discovered I get really car sick using the ipad in the back of the van! the shuttle took me right to the terminal, and was a very comfortable ride. I slept in the back, there was only 2 of us going!

I am all set now, and just waiting for my flight. I got some coffee and breakfast and have internet, so I can’t really complain. hopefully the flight is not too crowded and I can sleep a little on the plane. next stop Dallas!


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  1. Thank you..really informative!!

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