making arrangements

ok, so I have my shuttle booked from Yuma to Phoenix.  they go twice a day, leaving from Yuma at 5:15 and 11:15 AM. I am on the 11:15, which will put me at the Phoenix airport at 3pm. the website is  the rates are very reasonable, especially considering how expensive gas is right now. my cost is 52 dollars one way, and I paid over the phone so everything is set to go.

I debated and debated renting a car the first week vs cabs, but I found out the cabs are not too expensive there. Dynasty cabs which also has a limo service- they have a 40 dollar flat rate from the airport to town, which seems to be pretty standard. the website is the number for the cab service is 479-521-8294. the local rates are $3.50 for pick up and 2 dollars a mile. I will have to see what ends up being most cost effective or if there are other cheaper cab services. its still cheaper than renting a car. to rent the car for the week is 250 bucks after taxes, the cheapest rate I found was 228 for a week thru hotwire, which is even cheaper than my USAA rate. the problem is returning the car all the way to the airport, a daunting task. I did the rental car last time, and I told myself this time I would try without. I also have another nurse who is going out on the 23rd, so maybe if she brings her car we will be set.

I found a place to stay at Extended Stay America, the company rate is with tax 26 a night for a double bed room, with kitchen, TV, cable and internet. the wireless internet is a bonus, though I have my portable mifi with AT&T. we can share this room, especially because we are on opposite schedules. this will really save us money. they charge by the week, which after tax is 170 a week. thats 85 a week per person, all utilities included plus furnished and with a kitchen. can’t beat that! I don’t know how that will work if my family comes to visit, but I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there. there is 24/7  laundry room coin operated too. I land Sunday afternoon, which will give me time to get settled in before Monday morning orientation starts. the only bad part of not having a car will be doing some shopping, but I will make do. hopefully the place is near some shopping so I can get a few groceries when I get there, but I will see what happens. chances are I will run into some more people and can also get rides to work.

so, everything is set! I have my way from Yuma, my new assignment, transport there and a place to stay! I even know someone going so I won’t be all alone! weeee! now I just need to finish laundry and packing ugh.


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