Leaving YRMC

ok..so I am done with YRMC now. Finished my 5th night in a row. That has been good, because I am ready to be done LOL. I would be sadder and sappier I think if I wasn’t tired of working. I have met some amazing people, that I will be friends with for a long while I think. This truly has been an awesome experience. I can’t believe 8 weeks is gone already! I would like to go around and see a few things before I go. I do have some errands to run, need to get another suitcase. I have to go to LabCorp to do my pre employment drug screen for my next job, will do that later today I think. It is weird to think I won’t be back again! I do want to come back next season though. I don’t know if I will be able to come agency, as they do not usually do that. but I will stay in touch with everyone and hopefully come back as seasonal employee next year. well, on to the next adventure!


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