Got my Ticket

Ok, I have my ticket ready for my next assignment! I bought it through the American Airlines website. they do not do anything on orbitz anymore. they are having some good specials right now. I also noticed that American has some of the lowest baggage fees. you can get tickets on Expedia for American, and can compare to some of the other companies too. I think Delta might have been close to the same price, but with American I can get miles and the baggage fees are less. my ticket ended up being
265 dollars, and for this assignment I am getting a 300 dollar travel reimbursement! sweet! I will get 150 my first check and 150 my last one. that will pay for the airplane ticket. I also like American because you can buy the tickets one way or make multiple stops without too much hassle. it saves money for me, because I go from 1 location to another rather than round trip. it also gives me some flexibility on my return dates.
I looked into mailing stuff rather than taking it on the plane with me, but the baggage fees are cheap enough that it will be fine to get another suitcase and split my stuff between the two. I shouldn’t go over the weight limit on those.
so, now its time to wrap things up here and move on! looks like I will be heading to Phoenix on Friday, spending the weekend with a friend who will take me to the airport the crack of dawn on Sunday. wooo! I am excited now. I will get sushi and get to play with my friend before I go 🙂 it’s all good!


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