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ok, so I am going to Rogers, Arkansas next. its a short term 8 week assignment. should be interesting. I will be on day shift, yay! I have not had regular day shift work in forever. I am very excited about that. lots of overtime available too. it will be interesting to see what adaptations I need to make for my schedule doing days. I am thinking more of a two on 1 off sort of thing. I will be working a PCU/Tele floor. the pay is good, and there are other travelers there. I spoke with the manager on the phone, they seem to be having the same issues most hospitals are having these days. lots of new grads, not so many experienced nurses. the poor new grads are overwhelmed. I wonder what is happening to everyone else? and it is odd I must say to be considered ‘experienced’ with 12 years as an RN. I remember when that both seemed ancient, but having done it, it doesn’t seem like that long anymore! below are some links to info about the hospital and the town.

http://www.northwesthealth.com/Pages/home.aspx  I will be going to the Springdale Location.

wiki- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogers,_Arkansas I have never been to Arkansas before! will be interesting!

wiki- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Springdale,_Arkansas  i think this is where the hospital itself is located.


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